Converting and editing PDFs online and on desktop

Why pay Adobe for document conversion when you can do it for free or very inexpensively? Several options are available for turning a PDF into a jpeg or an editable format, such as Microsoft Word. I originally went searching for conversion options when I lost my spreadsheet of banking transactions. Back in 2016,  I couldn’t find anything that was usable, and so had to manually input the lost transactions from my bank statements.  This was quite a chore, as you might imagine.

However, it’s 2019 and online document conversion has improved.  I was very happy with the results I got from Convert-My-Image and Docs.Zone when I needed to turn PDFs of my artwork into JPEGs.
In addition to turning a PDF into a JPEG, These services let you:

  • Combine PDFs
  • Convert from Web to PDF
  • Convert a PDF to Word
  • Turn a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet
  • as well as perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Eventually, I wanted a desktop document conversion app. So after using the free version a couple of times, I purchased PDF Element Pro from Wondershare. The PDF Element Pro subscription for Wondershare is about $90 per year. Adobe Acrobat Pro, the Great Daddy of them all, costs about $180 per year (@$15 per month). Granted you’ll get a receipt from Wonbo Technologies, which may show up in Chinese in your bank transactions (it was in English in Paypal, though). However, I think that inconvenience is worth half the price of Adobe Acrobat.

Here’s a quick comparison of the features of the two:

Adobe Acrobat, unlike the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, lets you edit, annotate, convert and create, and protect your PDF documents, too. You can make fillable forms and include a signature area, which is ideal for contracts which the user can fill out just using the reader.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat — unlike the free Adobe Acrobat Reader — lets you edit, annotate, convert and create, and protect your PDF documents, too.

PDF Element

You can combine PDFs, convert to and from other file types, and edit the PDF.  Making small changes, such as removing or adding a logo, or fixing a typo, is super simple. You can even change the fonts, although the default list is somewhat limited.