I used Divi Builder to make this site. It’s a very popular front-end page builder, which is bundled in Divi Themes. Divi offers beautifully designed themes. So, if you want to use what they give you without much customization, Divi themes is great. However, it you want to customize your site’s functionality, you better know code. Divi tech support helped a lot in the beginning, including providing code snippets. And I called on them more frequently than I care to admit in the first month building this site. But curiously, and perhaps coincidentally, shortly after giving one of the techs access to WordPress, my files got messed up. Additionally, I kept on getting 400 and even 500 errors, such as going over the allotted memory. It turned out the host’s default PHP was not the one recommended by Divi.  The memory settings, for one were too low.  I’d call the host, the errors would stop, but then it would happen again.  I eventually was told that there is a PHP control panel in C-Panel. Duh!  I upped from the default PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0, including upping to the Divi-recommended settings.

I wanted to make the gallery module image grid open in the light box (which I initially thought was a slider) with captions. A couple of Divi’s tech people said it was not possible to do that in Divi. Using the Chrome Inspector, I discovered that Divi gallery module function was “.mfp”  Yes, I could substitute a plug-in. But how?  I tried a couple of slider plug-ins, including Gallery Slider and Smart Slider 3.  Smart Slider was really easy and fun. But it wasn’t built to link to gallery images. I made a new gallery in Gallery Slider, pasted in the link. And voila, nothing happened.

Using the Chrome Inspector, I discovered that Divi gallery module function was “.mfp” —  which turns out to be “Magnific Lightbox Pop-Up” I went searching for a plug-in, and found  “WF Magnific Lightbox” in WordPress.org. Captions do appear when I click from the attachment page, but not when I click from the Divi Gallery image.  I wanted it to work as when I click on it from the attachment page, like so:

Lippincott Home Page

Large catalog website brand

Wolters Kluwer needed an umbrella for its various Lippincott/LWW properties, including the extensive catalog site, nursing sites, and publication sites. Shown is the prototype I created with the copy in place, as the designer and developer worked on the Adobe Experience Manager CMS.


However, there is no documentation about how it works. All I get in settings is:

WF Magnific Lightbox

Here you can change some stuff or leave the default options.


Show Copyright Info
Copyright Prefix


“Link to Media File” as default value for new galleries
Force the “Link to Media File” as default value for galleries



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