A whole six more months till winter!


Summer Solstice is my favorite day of the year, especially when it’s a beautiful June day like today in Philadelphia. I hope you get outside to enjoy some of it. Good writing advice is to keep your writing concise, avoid jargon and typically, keep it short. However, there are times when a long piece works better than a short post. Here’s a list of just six “longest” factoids that a poet of commerce (marketing communications professional, word nerd, or other creative type) might enjoy. The only scientific, not potentially fake, fact is that the longest day for most locations north of the equator is on or near Thursday, June 21, 2018, which began at 6:07 am in New York. Sunrise to sunset is 5 hours, 50 minutes–almost another 6 hours –longer than on December Solstice. If you miss today, the latest sunset is on June 27.

1. Longest Running Ad Campaign
“Depends” on who you ask. My particular vote is for a Pampers Ad which has run on Zynga games sites for at least 3 weeks, showing up repeatedly after every play. Who knew post-menopausal women were a target for Pampers? Other contenders for longest running ad campaign in the U.S. include:
a) The Absolut campaign featuring bottles “in the wild” comprised over 1,500 separate ads and ran 25 years, according to Hubspot
b) The Jack Daniels ‘Postcards from Lynchburg’ campaign is thought to be the longest running advertising campaign in history, having first appeared in an October 1954 edition of Time magazine. Source:
c) Smokey the Bear. This iconic bear has been preventing forest fires for more than 50 years.

2. Longest advertisement
An Arby’s commercial ran for 52 straight hours in Duluth, MN. Apparently someone in Arby’s marketing department thought running a shot of a hamburger for more than two days straight would provide a good ROI.

3. Longest word in an English dictionary
If you’re a pharmaceutical copywriter, then you’ll appreciate the difficulty and length of some disease and drug names, which it is occassionally our jobs to shorten. I’m not surprised then, that the longest word in the english dictionary is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Also known as the lung disease, Silicosis.

4. Longest PowerPoint Slide presentation

“Lessons from my 20’s” by a startup CEO offers 1,284 Slides for your viewing pleasure. Who ever said millenials don’t have long attention spans was clearly wrong. Inordinately successful 20-somethings have always had an overblown sense of their self-worth, which if not stopped can continue well into their 70’s.

5. Longest URL
Hotels.com has come up with a URL that is 2,083 Characters long, which includes yurts and cabanas, too, to highlight its breadth of accommodations. You can see the entire story on Ad Age, Adweek, Branding in Asia, or the Little Black Book:


6. Longest Blog Post
A preliminary Google search returned many self-titled “longest blog post in the world” entries. Yes, most of these were way too long to read through, and could have been aptly titled “I don’t care. Do you?” like Melania’s coat. But a very lengthy how-to on redesigning the chrome desktop is truly a masterpiece of helpful information, and gets my vote for best in the “longest blog post” category.

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