Whiteboards in CyberSpace

There are so many great ways to develop ideas and collaborate online, it makes you wonder why so many companies, many of them professional communicators and marketers, continue to limit themselves to relatively clumsy communication tools like emails, pdf markups and in-person meetings. But who doesn’t love a white board? And now – wow – you can keep those great ideas, share them and update them — all in one place, accesible at any time — with virtual white boards.  Smartboard gets across the concept with a very clever animation.

See how I used my free Conceptboard for a physician’s
practice management client

Apparantly there exist several to choose from (see Creative Bloq review below). But I was pretty amazed how much I could do with Conceptboard, the one I first encountered through Chrome. Conceptboard is great for visualizing and collaborating on projects and ideas. Everyone’s comments are available for viewing and sharing through a handy comment tool that resembles stickies (you can hide or show). It’s easy to look back at the development of the project, and memorialize changes. You get a generous 50 Mbs for free for starters. Anyone you collaborate has to accept your invitation and their own account, or you can purchase a team account for more seamless integration. The navigation takes a bit of getting used to, but it lets you zoom in or out on various areas: which is great for both seeing the “big picture” and the details together.

Although their audience is designers, the “Top 20” tools Creative Bloq reviews range from whiteboards similar to Conceptboard and Smartboard to project management tools that encompass pretty much everything in a project you need to track. 
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