When I first started seeing infographics I thought “brilliant”!  However, I didn’t get around to actually doing them until recently, working on the introductions for my client’s huge inventory of infographics. I won’t say that a lot of the info on the infographics was out-of-date, which is another story. The assignment is interesting and it spurred me to go make my own. In my search, I found a free infographic maker, Canva. It doesn’t replace a professional designer, but Canva provides a variety of layouts and graphics and typefaces and takes moments to learn. You can even upload and store your logo, photos, etc. So, I tried it and here’s what I came up with for a self-promotion. Granted I didn’t spend hours on trying to be clever. I just found a layout I thought would work, and this concept took shape. So what do you think?

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